Fan loyalty on display as Golf fans seated in grandstand at the 18th hole at 2019 Scottish Open ENGAGING FAN LOYALTY – A FLEXIBLE APPROACH TO SPORTS MARKETING (8/30/2019)-   GOLF, FAN LOYALTY AND BRANDS   Knowing the best way to engage with fan loyalty is crucial for any agency active in the sporting arena.   All sports fans share a sense of passion for their favourite team, player or event.  Being able to link that sentiment to a marketing campaign takes experience and… Read More
figure entering a darkened room through a door MARKET RESEARCH FOR STARTUPS – DON’T TAKE A STEP IN THE DARK (7/31/2019)- Taking that first step into the market with your business is a daunting prospect.  And those first few steps can feel more unnerving if you don’t really know how the market will react.  That’s why thorough market research for startups can really help to jumpstart your company.   Now, market research might not be at… Read More
FOOTBALL REBRAND – TOP THE LEAGUE BY AVOIDING AN IDENTITY CRISIS (6/11/2019)- WHAT MATTERS? A football rebrand is a hot topic.  There’s no doubt that a club’s identity is an important part of modern-day football.  Football fans in the UK feel a strong sense of pride and ownership with the badges or strips of their clubs and a club’s values and traditions are at the forefront of most… Read More
pair of lips with covered with cross TRUST IN INFLUENCERS IS IN CRISIS. HOW ADVOCATE MARKETING WILL MAKE YOU RECONSIDER WHO IS RECOMMENDING YOUR BRAND (3/28/2019)- An over-reliance on the same group of Instagram ‘influencers’ and celebrity endorsers has only served to provide campaigns with meaningless reach via forced-associations for too long. Consumers are losing trust in ‘influencers’, brands aren’t sure they ever had trust, the Advertising Standards Agency are dishing out fines for breaches of trust and even ‘influencers’ are… Read More
LOST IN TRANSLATION Vs GEOGRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION – AVOIDING BRAND OWN GOALS IN SCOTTISH FOOTBALL SPONSORSHIP (3/14/2019)- Football is the game of the people.  Its history is engrained in British society and football has evolved over time to withstand the pressures associated with growth in a globalised age.  Fans are the only constant in the game.  Jock Stein’s mantra that “Football is nothing without the fans” is still true to this day… Read More
WHY THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO ACHIEVING AUTHENTIC INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENT, BUT THE RESULTS ARE WORTH IT! (3/13/2019)- January is traditionally seen as the catalyst for a string of great intentions for the year ahead as we search for the ‘new me’. As the month draws to a close, there are many of us who are already struggling to stick to the promises we made to ourselves at the stroke of midnight on the… Read More
IS CHRISTMAS CANCELLED?!! AN ANALYSIS OF 2018’S JOHN LEWIS CHRISTMAS AD CAMPAIGN (12/5/2018)- Image Credit: via What marks the start of Christmas for you? The Christmas lights’ switch-on? Festive cups appearing in coffee shops? Cracking open your advent calendar? For us marketing geeks (and many others) it’s the launch of the John Lewis Christmas advert. Over the last decade, John Lewis has kickstarted a trend for… Read More
HOPES FULFILLED, A NATION INSPIRED: The Scotland Women’s National Team and a Shot in the Arm for Scottish Football (11/5/2018)- Image courtesy of There is no doubt that women’s football in Scotland is on the rise. Back in September, the Scottish Women’s National Team made history by qualifying for the 2019 World Cup, a momentous achievement felt right across the country (more of that later). We have previously established that Twitter is a crucial… Read More
SOCIAL MEDIA FOR GOOD: SHINING A LIGHT ON INVISIBLE ILLNESSES (10/15/2018)- Image credit: Nahis.Org (Nahypothyroidism) Social has a bit of a rep. Particularly in 2018. From fake news to echo chambers and data privacy scandals. And yes, when social is bad, it is usually pretty bad. But when its functionality is applied by and for those in need of genuine help and support, it can also… Read More
FESTIVAL PARTNERS & BUILDING BRAND ENGAGEMENT (9/6/2018)- Image from Free-Photos via This summer has been truly amazing – scorching heat across the country, World Cup fever for everyone other than Scotland, but most exciting for us here at Disruptive Insight, a belter of a festival season. But who were the winners and losers during this season? To reflect on the summer’s… Read More
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