As specialists in Social Intelligence, we have been producing meaningful social insights since 2014. Insights that cut to the core of your brief to deliver strategic clarity and confidence. We align our social methodologies with the more traditional disciplines of planning and research to provide a suite of effective tools that give our clients the edge.

Our work ensures that each and every connection you make is deeply relevant and highly influential.


Our Insight team can offer invaluable guidance across:

Campaign Analysis
Audience Profiling
Customer Understanding
Influencer Targeting

Data Driven Sponsorship
Market Planning
Market Research


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Influencer Targeting

The SSE Live Awards is a hugely popular annual campaign engaging SSE directly with music & entertainment fans via one month of live voting covering all events and performances held across the year at each of the brand’s three SSE- sponsored Arenas in the UK.

Based on the 2016 evaluation finding that ‘earned’ fan-to-fan influence drove significantly greater voting than media influence, we introduced a fan-led influencer engagement programme for the 2017 campaign.

Harnessing the authentic passion of genuine fans as influencers extended SSE’s campaign exposure directly within multiple niche networks of like- minded fans and the results were definitive.

This campaign broke our target and drove over 1 million organic votes amongst our target audience.



Data Driven Sponsorship

When a major marathon rights holder wanted to know which category sponsors would make the best long term partnership pairings, we undertook social research to identify purchase behaviours trends linked to their core audience – the runners. By uncovering the products that participants had greatest affinity with throughout their gruelling 3 months training schedule, we identified brands with the highest propensity to engage.

This insight then informed the partner acquisition strategy going forward.

Audience Profiling

Ahead of the World Cup Qualifying Campaign, the Scottish FA asked Material to run some social insight analysis to inform their forthcoming ticketing strategy. This included evaluating conversations around previous Scotland games., the latest Scotland kit launch and also the environmental context, such as the fall out from the 2014 Independence Referendum.

Over 140,000 post were analysed and the Scottish FA used the insights to prioritise their marketing spend and targeting , to maximize ticketing revenue as well as understanding more about what makes the events themselves more appealing to their audience.